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Evolution and Early Life

Evolution and Early Life: A Celebration of the Career of Martin Brasier on his Retirement

To commemorate the retirement of Oxford University’s Professor Martin Brasier, a small symposium was held to which Palaeocast were invited to film.

Graham Budd: View from the savanna: co-operative view of bilaterian evolution

Duncan McIlroy: Biologically Mediated Sedimentary Structures

Rachel Wood: Eve of biomineralisation: Revealing Darwin’s Lost World

Graham Shields-Zhou: Phosphogenesis and the Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary

Philip Allen: The Great Snowball Fight

Nick Butterfield: Inventing the eukaryotic biosphere

Paul Strother: Palaeontological Significance of the Torridonian Microflora

Nicola McLoughlin: Deciphering the Evidence for a Paleoarchean Biosphere

Lyell Lecture

Martin Brasier: Exploring the character of the early fossil record


A narrated tour of Prof. Brasier’s research and private collections.

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