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Palaeocast Art Competition 2016 Results

We’re into the third year of our art competition and the event just keeps getting bigger and bigger. We again had unbelievable participation from the artists and from all the people who voted, so a big thank you to everyone that got involved!

This year we had another great variety of art, from papercraft to minecraft, so congratulations to the winners and we hope you all enjoy browsing through all the entries below!

Our top 10 voted-for images are shown first, then the remaining entries in alphabetical order.

1st place Overall winner

J. w. Kirby - Yixian

2nd place >16 winner

Guillaume Fricaud - Nothosaurus

3rd place


=4th place

Sam Patch - Rutellum implicatum

=4th place Invertebrate winner

David Clark - Gennaeocrinus mourantae

6th place

Catherine Wu - yiqi

7th place <16 winner

Jonas Hakkens - Hibbertopterus

8th place

Justin McKee - Birds of a Feather

9th place

Ádám Lakatos tarbosaurus_bataar

10th place

Jon Mac - Stegosaurus

Ádám Lakatos drinking_thescelosaurus
Ádám Lakatos gorgosaurus_libratus
Andrea Villaseca - Edestus
Arseniii Kruglov - One of his kind
Brittany Bostain - Megalania
Dave Marshall - Bedtime at Plaeocast HQ
Gabriel Hansen - Tiny Trex
Hamza Fouatih - Cartorhynchus lenticarpus
Hamza Fouatih - Killer sperm whale
Helen Gordon - blood red moon
Helen Gordon Don't go into the long grass
Henry Sharpe - Chirostenotes pergracilis with Fusconaia mussel
J. w. Kirby - eustreptospondylus
J. w. Kirby - Fat Acro
J.w. Kirby - Sinraptor fam2
Jabar Gandino 2
Jabar Gandino 3
Jabar Gandino
Joe Keating - Osteostracan wallpaper
Johnny King - A Bloodthirsty Monster
Johnny King - Jurassic Dawn
Jon Mac - spinosaurus
Jonas Hakkens - Carcharodontosaurinae parade
Jonas Hakkens - mysterious fisher
jonas Hakkens - Wings of Preon
Jonathan Sayers- Iguanodon in Spring
Jorge Enrique Mendoza Vallejo - Deinonychus antirrhopus
Joseph Portillo - The Desert King
Juan C Sotomayor - Amphimachairodus giganteus
Juan Nicolás Elizalde - Quetzalcoatlus

Palaeocast Choice winner

Juan Nicolás Elizalde - Troodon
Kmonvish Lawan - The Shallows Hybodus
LionTamer - Inaccurate portrayal of Velociraptor
LionTamer - The sickly Anatosaurus
Megan Williams - dorsal riding colour small
Michael Mellett - Majung 1
Midiaou Diallo - Inflate to Impress
Midiaou Diallo - morning_call
Midiaou Diallo - the ginkgo mimics
Nic Grabow - The mollusc Megalodon
Nic Grabow malleodectes
Phil Cleaver - Mesozoic Gothic
Phil Hadland - Fish supper
Quentin Brendel Didymoceras
Riya B - Flying colors
Robert Soto - Tarbosaurus bataar(Coming Home)
Sam Patch - Antarctic Dimorphodontid
Sam Patch - In Snow
Simge Naz Sarı - Ceratosaurus vs Allosaurus
Victor Carvalho -deinonychus final
Yul Altolaguirre - Happy turiasaurus family
Ziga Lupse - Mesozoic Squadron
Ziga Lupse - Minecraftian - The Age of Pixel Ammonites
Ziga Lupse - Sleeping with the Ammonites
Zlatko Smiljanic Deinotherium giganteum

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