Published on August 31st, 2023 | by David Marshall


Palaeocast team vacancies

For the last 10 years, Palaeocast has been generating original palaeontological multimedia. As we look to the next 10 years, we are focussing on diversifying our outputs and ensuring the consistency of our content production.

To that end, we have an open call for new Palaeocast team members to contribute to any of the following areas:

If you meet the essential requirements and wish to apply, please send a short CV and cover letter to dave@palaeocast.com stating which projects you’d like to contribute to and including some suggestions/ideas for of the kinds of subjects, themes and areas you’d like to explore.


Palaeocast is a collaborative project in which team members independently produce their own content. By working in such a way, each of our team members are able to retain individuality and personality in the materials they make, whilst the workload is shared between all members. This keeps our outputs fresh and diverse, whilst also spreading the burden of content creation.

Our team members will be expected to independently:

  • Stay on top of recent developments within the field
  • Research subjects/themes for new episodes
  • Identify publications with the potential to be developed into novel and engaging content
  • Arrange and schedule interviews with guests
  • Produce scripts suitable for a wide demographic that include considered narrative themes
  • Conduct interviews with academics/individuals about their work
  • Source supplementary multimedia content and obtain appropriate permissions for its use
  • Generate cover art and social media images incorporating Palaeocast visual styles and branding
  • Disseminate content across our social media channels
  • Maintain good levels of communication with the rest of the team

In collaboration with our project leads, our team members will be supported to:

  • Edit multimedia content incorporating Palaeocast audio/visual styles and branding
  • Upload content to our hosting platforms
    • Generate metadata, titles and descriptions
  • Create posts and embed content on the Palaeocast website

Whilst content schedules are flexible, on average, our team members would be expected to contribute a full episode/video once every two months.

Essential requirements

If you are interested in contributing to any of our projects, then we would like to hear from those people who have/are:

  • Postgraduate degree in palaeontology (or other palaeo-relevant/related subjects)
  • Motivated and able to commit to regular content production & schedules
  • Willingness to use/learn new hardware, software and techniques
  • Powerful gaming/editing set-up [PGN only]

Desired experience

Additional preference will be given to those who have/are:

  • Extensive academic records
  • Diverse research interests
  • Confident speakers/presenters
  • Experience of multimedia production
    • Audio
    • Video & photo
    • Graphic design
    • Animation
  • Experience of multimedia postproduction
    • Especially of the Adobe Suite
  • Experience with livestreaming technologies
  • Outreach/Science communications experience
  • Established online presence
  • Experience of managing social media accounts
  • Experience of website management and maintenance


All team members contribute on a voluntary basis; these are not paid positions. Any money generated by the show and its Patreon account is funnelled back into content creation and the purchase of equipment. However, by contributing, you will benefit from:

  • High-profile presence on an established and well-respected outreach project with a large, diverse, audience and with proven impacts
  • Development of science communication and multimedia production skills
  • Access to any specialist hardware needed for content creation (excluding computers and components)
  • Access to specialist editing and streaming software
  • Support in content creation
  • Development of desirable skills
  • Support in exploring additional outreach avenues and projects

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