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Palaeocast Art Competition 2020 Results

We had another fantastic art competition again this year! The quality of the 101 entries has been outstanding and we have loved each and every single one of them!

A huge thanks goes out to all those artists who entered the competition, all our followers on social media who voted and for all those who donated prizes. This year’s competition wouldn’t have been possible without sponsorship from the team at Studio 252MYA, so please make sure you check out all of their great paleo merch here: https://252mya.com/

Below we have all of entries compiled for you to enjoy with the top 10 and prize winners listed first.

#1 and overall winner

Young Dimetrodons by Gabriela Grabalska

#2 and over 16 winner

Triceratops and Cretaceous Birds by Jaan Westphal


+90 Armor by R. M. Adi Nugroho


The morning reveal by Damir Prado

#5 and invertebrate winner

Anomalocaris by Thorsten Brand


Water Dragon by Jun Seong Yi 


Spinosaurus and Barbaridactylus by Jaan Westphal


Acutiramus and friends by Just9Art


Deinonychus antirrhopus by Ventura Salas


Cryolophosaurus by Keith Kratz

Under 16 winner

Anomalocaris, ammonites, trilobites, corals and a crinoid by Geoffrey Clark

Studio 252MYA Choice

Baculites by Jonas Hakkens

Gallery of entries in alphabetical order

Metoposaurus ecology by Adrián Blázquez
Cephalaspis by Adriano B
Eoraptor morning by Alejandro Falcón Hernández
Tiktaalik and the Terrestrial Tease by Alice Ormiston
Parageralinura marsiglioi by Andrea Morandini
Not Your Average Tauntaun by Andrew Knight
Radosaurus rex by Andy Morris
Anomalocaris canadensis by Aqqid Saparin
Acheroraptor: treasure of Hell Creek by Ari Rudenko
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus by Asia Wójcicka
The Ambush by Asia Wójcicka
Ordovician Period  by August C. Imhof
Melano-dactylus by BatmanelVisigodo
Shadows of Diabloceratops by Ben LeFebvre
Huayangosaurus by Benjamin Streit
The Polar Depths by Brian Ankrapp
Palaeoisopus by Brooke Johnson
Kooteninchela deppi by Bruno Capuozzo
Triceratops horridus Portrait  by Camilo Julián Caballero
Dsungaripterus weii flying at twilight by Camilo Julián Caballero
Baby Desmatosuchus by Camilo Julián Caballero
Pliosaurus hunting by Camilo Julián Caballero
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus by Carter Gatewood
Archaeotherium mortoni by Charline Ifeakor
Kainops raymondi by David Clark
Allosaurs at Dawn by Eilish McMahon
Pteranodon Sunset by Elliott Coleman
Leptoceratops by Evan Walsh
Ammonites by Facundo Nehuen Arias
New and Improved by Fionn Keeley
New and Improved by Fionn Keeley
Iguanodon on a sunny day by Francesco Nobile
Down By the Shore by Gaia Nichols-Oakes
The Observers by Gary Burton
The Gang! by Giorgia Fornasari
Autumn Azhdarchid by Hollas Ouwerkerk
Selmasaurus by Iain Reid
Hunters of the new world by Ignacio Carrero
Paleocomics by Ikuko and Giovanni Baiocchi
Llallawavis family at sunrise by Ioioiee
Leptonectes moving in bioluminiscent plancton by Isaura Aguilar-Pedrayes
Electroblemma bifida at night by Jaan Westphal
Stegosaurus taking a stroll along the beach by Jack Socal
Telephinid Hitchhiker by James Ormiston
Archaeopteryx with lichen by Jasmine King
The Curious Ichthyosaur and the Startled Scallop by Jed Atkinson
A passion for cephalopods by Joan Castillo
Utahraptor cleaning its feathers by John Arena
Wading Torvosaurus  by Jun-Hyeok Jang
Carnotaurus > Anabisetia by Karen Arseneault

Triceratops by Luke du Toit
Coincidence by M. Bohlen
Struthiomimus in flamingo style by M. Bohlen
Cambrian encounter by M. Bohlen
Monster meeting by M. Bohlen
Strolling through the aragonium by M. Bohlen
A quiet day in the late Miocene by M. Bohlen
[Untitled] by Maddie H
Dunkleosteus by Mara W
Asfaltovenator “Cañadón Asfalto Formation hunter” by Martín García Pio
Albertosaurus kingdom by Mattia Yuri Messina
Lycaenops over Untroubled Water by Megan Jones
Gorgonops whaitsi by Melissa Delteil
Paleo-ilustration of Inostrancevia alexandri by Miguelangelo Torres
Antracomartus hindi by Milo van Loon
The Discovery by Namo Saurus
Triassic – Jurassic paper model collection by Natalia Jagielska 
Ammonite hatchlings by Patrick Weck
Dakotaraptor by Peanut
When giants roamed the sea by Phuris Suwankosai
Segnosaurus encounter by the river (Bayan Shireh formation) by Qbliviens
Meadows of Pisco by Ragaluh Dewantara
A fussy mother by Ramsey Deans
Spinosaurus by Riccardo Frapiccini
Utahraptor by Riccardo Frapiccini
Carnotaurus by Riccardo Frapiccini
Nap by Ryan Diong
Wear your fossil art by Sally Williams
Diplocaulus fall by Shane Fern Gausden
Ankylosaurus by Sophie Burton
Tyrannosaurus by Terence Bresson
The Dragon and the Butterfly by Thomas Strimpel
Placid Herbivore by Tosha Hollmann
Neanderthal Portrait by Tyler Rhodes
Ammonites by Vikram Patel
Late Jurassic Flight Training by Vojta Hybl
Permian Swamp by Walker Floyd
Phuwiang Hunter (Phuwiangvenator yaemniyomi)  by Wongwech Chowchuvech 
T H I C C tadpole by ZeWqt

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