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Palaeocast Art Competition 2020

The Palaeocast palaeoart competition is back and we’ve got another great selection of prizes up for grabs in 2020. We’ve partnered up with Studio 252MYA to allow our winners to choose their own prize from their fantastic online store! We’ve also got a selection of the latest palaeontological best-sellers, each signed by their author.

As usual, we’ll be running the competition as a public vote on Facebook and Twitter. The competition will run for the whole month of May using #palaeocastart.

To enter, simply:

  • Create an original piece of artwork during May 2020.
  • Email your artwork to us along with a name and title (please state if you are entering the <16 category).
  • Palaeocast then uploads it to its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • The public then vote for their favourites by ‘liking’ or ‘favouriting’.
  • Sharing or retweeting artwork is permitted.

Full terms and conditions are listed below.

If you need any inspiration, check out the entries from our last competition.

Prizes and categories:

Category Studio 252MYA store credit Additional Prizes
Overall winner $200.00 The Palaeoartist’s Handbook signed by Mark Witton

Darwin’s Choice Board game

< 16 years old
(please state on submission)
$50.00 The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs
signed by Steve Brusatte
≥ 16 years old $50.00 The Dinosaurs Rediscovered signed by Mike Benton
(anything not a vertebrate)
$50.00 Another Primordial Day signed by Mats Eriksson
Studio 252MYA’s choice $50.00 #Paleostream 2: Sketches of Prehistoric Life
signed by Joschua Knüppe

Terms and Conditions


This competition is a celebration of palaeontology through art and, as such, is intended for the widest possible participation. We want everyone to enjoy this competition and not be put off by the high standards of some of the super-talented palaeoartists out there. It is for that reason that professional entries are not permitted* and that original pieces of art must be produced within a limited period of time.

To encourage participation from younger palaeontologists, we also have a category for those <16 years old. Please state on submission if the palaeoartist is <16.

*We consider professionals to be anyone who sells their palaeoart or has a dedicated website for their artwork (i.e. owning marshallpaleoart.com would not be allowed, but pages on Facebook or Deviant Art are permitted). Professionals are encouraged to share their work with us in this celebration of palaeoart, but would be required to state their ineligibility.


We’re looking for original pieces of palaeoart, so nothing that has been produced prior to the 1st May 2020. Artwork found to have been produced earlier than this date will be disqualified. 

But what constitutes as art? Submissions can be in any medium, from paintings to physical models, animation or music.


Submission is via email. Simply send your work to us and we’ll upload it to our social media pages for public voting.

Multiple submissions are permitted, but only one prize will be awarded to any one contestant.

If you want to submit a file type (e.g. a 3D model) that isn’t supported by Facebook or Twitter please email us.


The competition is once again judged by public vote. Once your original artwork is uploaded to Palaeocast social media channels, the public then vote by ‘liking’ or ‘favouriting’ each piece of art. The public can vote for as many pieces of art as they wish. The voting begins on 00:00 (UTC+1) 1st May and votes will be counted until 00:00 (UTC+1) 31st May.

Sharing/retweeting of images is permitted, but keep in mind any privacy settings you have on your account. If we are unable to view an entry you have shared with your contacts, then we will not be able to count them.

Prizes will be awarded to the most-voted-for images in the categories: <16 years old, ≥16 years old, ‘Invertebrate’ and Overall Winner. Studio 252 MYA will also select a piece of art to win a prize.


  • Overall Winner: The single image with the most votes.
  • <16 years old
  • ≥16 years old
  • ‘Invertebrate’: Any image that doesn’t depict a vertebrate.
  • Studio 252 MYA choice – Studio 252 MYA’s pick for best artwork.


Five lots of prizes will be awarded. The Overall Winner is the artwork with the most votes, regardless of category. Only one award per person. The artwork of the Overall Winner is not eligible to also win the prize for any other category, in this case, the prize will go to the artwork with the second highest number of votes. If multiple pieces submitted by the same palaeoartist finish in prize winning positions the prize will be awarded to their highest-voted piece, their other pieces will be ineligible to win and the artwork with the second highest number of votes will win the prize.

We will announce the winners of the competition shortly after the voting deadline. We will then privately contact the winners for their contact details. Please allow up to a month for shipping of physical items.

Small print:

By entering this competition you acknowledge that Palaeocast is permitted non-commercial usage of your imagery (i.e. for promotional use or illustrative purposes). Palaeocast reserves the right to change the competition rules at any point. No cash alternatives are offered for prizes. Prizes will be sent with tracked shipping. If, for any reason, the prizes do not arrive, Palaeocast will not be responsible for sourcing replacements.

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