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Palaeoart competition entries

To celebrate the launch of Episode 30: Palaeoart, we ran a month-long palaeoart competition. Here are the submissions with top positions and prize-winners first, then in no order. Thanks to all those who took part! A big thanks also goes out to Julius Csotonyi and Titan Publishing for providing the prizes.

1st place: Majungasaurus crenatissimus. Pencil drawing by Marcos Paulo *Prize winner

2nd Place: by Sergey Krasovskiy

3rd place: E- annectens (DMNH 1943) vs T-rex (STAN) by Sergey Krasovskiy

4th place: by Sergey Krasovskiy

5th place: Spinosaurus by Carlos Ramirez Serrano *Prize winner

6th place: Perisphinctes ammonite from Madagascar (Jurassic) by Sarah Jacquet *Prize winner

Helicoprion by Alvaro Miguel Pascale

Diplocaulus by Alvaro Miguel Pascale

At Dusk – Gastonia burgei and Cedarosaurus weiskopfae. By Vladimir Nikolov

Lythronax argestes by Vitor Silva

Watercolour of a Spinosaurus by Vicky Coules

Pachyrhinosaurus by Stjepan Lukac

“2 beams” Diplodocus carnegii by Stephen Moore

Walliserops trifurcatus enjoying the podcast. by Ryan Herbst

Mesozoic Battle by Rowan Findlay, age 4

Sauropods by Nathan, age 5

Chasmataspis laurencii, the only North American chasmataspid by Michael Skvarla

Dailyatia microfossils from the early Cambrian of South Australia by Marissa Betts

by Luciano Vidal

Ontogenetically related pachycephalosaurs by Leila Battison

Styracosaurus skull from AMNH. Graphite. by Lee Hall

Majungasaurus crenatissimus by Kmonvish Lawan

Torvosaurus tanneri by Hollas Ouwerkerk

Feathered Tyrannosaur by Harry Allard

The past made visible. A 3D print of the 40 million old Feaella groehni Henderickx, an extinct 3 mm pseudoscorpion teleported out of it’s matrix amber stone with X-ray micro-CT and supersized 3D printed in brass by i.materialise. Submitted by Hans Henderickx

Opabinia regalis by Hannah Caine

Diablo Alpha by Guilherme Bilinski

Baryonyx by Gregory Ferreira

A young Tarbosaurus bataar pants to cool off in the desert of cretaceous Mongolia. By Ethan Cowgill

An old limping Tyrannosaur tramples its way across a marsh 66 million years ago in what is now Montana by Ethan Cowgill

Chasmataspis laurencii by Ethan Cowgill

The skull of the type specimen of Kosmoceratops richardsoni as it sits in its jacket at the NHMU by Ethan Cowgill

A bull Parasaurolophus wanders across a marsh on the shores of the western interior seaway by Ethan Cowgill

Charcoal sketch of Devonian cystoid Lipsanocystis oblatus by David Clark who found only the 2nd known specimen

Moving on from our friends over at the Palaeo After Dark podcast

Family Reunion. A Giganotosaurus stumbles upon the fossilized remains of an ancient ancestor. A couple of speculative primitive birds, Palaeocastornis, tag along for a free ride. They’re family too. By Christian Juul

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