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Palaeocast Art Competition 2015 Results

This, our second art competition, went even better than our first. We had unbelievable participation, not just from the artists, but also from the people who voted in the competition, so a big thank you to everyone that got involved! Prizes were courtesy of Cider Mill Press, Palaeoplushies and Paleocreations.

We had a little bit of everything this year, from pink ichthyosaurs to a literal interpretation of Brontosaurus! We really appreciate the time and effort the artists put in, so congratulations to the winners and we hope you all enjoy browsing through all the entries below!

Our top 10 voted-for images are shown first, then the remaining entries in alphabetical order.


1st place prize winner

1 Prize

2nd place (pro entry)

2 prize

3rd place >16 prize winner

4 prize

4th place

5 prize

5th place

6 prize

6th place

7 prize

7th place & <16 prize winner

3 prize

8th place

8 prize

9th place

9 prize

10th place

10 prize

Aaron John Gregory

Aubrey Roberts

Brendan Connolly

Brendan Connolly2

Carlos Marques

Christial Juul

Colin McElroy

Colin McElroy2

Colin McElroy3

David Adame

Dino Zore

Filipe Bernardo 2

Filipe Bernardo

Frank Lode

Gregory Ferreira Silva

Jacob Wheeler

James Brown 1

James Brown

James Ormiston

James Rule

Janice Nelson 2

Janice Nelson 3

Janice Nelson

Jarosław Morawski

Jessica Lawrence Wujek

Jim Miller

Jonas Hakkens

Jonas Hakkens3

Jonas Hakkens4

Jonas Hakkens5


Joschua Knüppe

Joshua Erikson

JT Megill

Kmonvish Lawan

Laura Jennings

Lucia Campbell

Luciano Vidal 2

Luciano Vidal

Martin Campbell

Maya Pellatt




Mike Convery

Miles Pellatt

Namo Kmonvish

Nic Grabow

Nic Grabow2

Nic Grabow3

Nick Anning

Rafael Albo De Oliveira

Thiago Augusto

Vasika Udurawane 2

Vasika Udurawane

Vitor Silva 2

Vitor Silva 3

Vitor Silva

Xerdeson Olliveira 2

Xerdeson Olliveira

Yasmin Yonan

Zach Coker

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