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Palaeocast is up for a People’s Choice Award in Canada!

Science Borealis, a Canadian science blog community, along with the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada have announced the short-list for the 2018 People’s Choice Award: Canada’s Favourite Science Online, and Palaeocast has been nominated! We are honoured to be short-listed, and thanks to those at Science Borealis that . Please help us out by voting for us here. You can also read about the other nominations here.

Although we’re not strictly Canadian, you do get to hear from one a Canadians pretty frequently (yes, that’s me, Liz), and we have actually had a surprising number of Canadian episodes over the years. Of course Canada is well known for it’s palaeontology, and for this reason (or the fact that Liz is biased), we do a lot of Canadian content. We’ve interviewed a number of Canadian palaeontologists, or researchers from Canadian institutions, or about Canadian fossils or localities, which we’ve posted some images from below. We’re interested in your favourite Canadian episodes. Tell us what you liked! And please vote for us!

Episode 2: Isotelus rex with Dave Rudkin.

Episode 5: Mistaken Point with Alex Liu

Episode 31: Anomalocaridids with Allison Daley. Image credit Espen Horn.

Episode 39: Dinosaurs of Alberta with Phil Currie.

Episode 46: Understanding Biodiversity with Lindsey Leighton. Image credit Chris Schneider.

Episode 48: The Burgess Shale with Simon Conway Morris.

Episode 50: Rangeomorph Reproduction with Emily Mitchell. Image credit Alex Liu.

Episode 53: Ankylosaurs with Victoria Arbour. Image credit Sydney Mohr.

Episode 67: Blue Beach Tetrapods with Jason Anderson. Image credit Blue Beach Museum.

Episode 70: Golden Age of Dinosaur Discovery with David Evans. Image credit David Evans.

Episode 80: Teeth and Herbivory in Reptiles with Aaron LeBlanc.

Episode 81: Ichthyornis with Daniel Field. Drawing by Michael Hanson.

Episode 92: Squamate Origins with Tiago Simões.

Episode 94: Joggins Fossil Cliffs with Melissa Grey. Image credit Joggins Fossil Institute.

The Expedition series on Dave’s trip to Arctic Canada.


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