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Progressive Palaeontology 2018

Welcome to our coverage of Progressive Palaeontology, the Palaeontological Association’s conference for early-career academics.

The conference this year is held jointly between the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, in a Progressive Palaeontology first! Researchers from both institutions are part of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Ancient Life (ICAL), and their research interests span the entire palaeontological spectrum. Research topics include (but are by no means limited to): the origins and early evolution of arthropods; biomechanics of locomotion in vertebrates and invertebrates, extinct and extant; palaeoproetomics and collagen fingerprinting; Mesozoic marine reptiles; phylogenetic methods; the palaeobiology of North American dinosaurs; and sexual selection & the evolution mammal genitals.

Orla Bath Enright
Spinning the truth out of worms: Investigating the impacts of decay and transport on palaeocommunity fidelity of the Burgess Shale

Robert Brocklehurst
It’s a hedgehog… it’s a shrew… it’s a tenrec! Ecological convergence and divergence in African insectivores

Neil Adams
A multi-proxy approach to reconstructing diets of K-Pg fossil mammals

Alexander Askew
Insular palynomorph assemblages of northern Spain: evidence for an endemic flora of Middle Devonian Iberia

Savannah Cobb
Using X-ray images to analyse the relationship between avian claw curvature and behaviour

Claire Dobson
Cranial osteology of Martillichthys renwickae, and ecological implications for suspension-feeding pachycormids

Mark Doeland
Tooth replacement mechanisms in early sarcopterygians

Kilian Eichenseer
Latitudinal trends in marine skeletal mineralogy

Martha Gibson
British Zechstein palynomorphs indicate a wetter Late Permian environment

Joseph Flannery Sutherland
Does exceptional preservation distort our view of disparity in the fossil record?

Carolina Karoullas
Estimating the Flight Capabilities of Fossil Birds from Extant Bird Data and Aerodynamic Theory

Rebecca Lakin
Juvenile Spinosaurs (Theropoda: Spinosauridae) from the Middle Cretaceous of Morocco and variations in spinosaurine rostra within the Kem Kem

Andrew Mair
Utilising planktonic foraminifera to investigate Quaternary palaeoclimate from the Uruguayan margin

Catherine Mascord
Worms on Film: How to Build an Ediacaran Biofilm

Christopher Stockey
Preserved pigmentation of the Bolca Fishes: a first community-level palaeo-colour reconstruction

Ryan Marek
The surrogate arm: analysing the role of regionalisation in the variation of the avian neck

Omar Rafael Regalado Fernandez
A reassessment of the phylogeny of basal Sauropodomorphs through comparative cladistics and the super-matrix approach

Adam Woodhouse
IODP Expedition 375 – Scientific objectives and biostratigraphic outputs of ocean drilling

Conrad van den Ende
A new marine snake (Palaeophiidae) from the Early Palaeogene of Morocco, a signal of early Cenozoic diversification

Rebecca Walley
Palynological Record of Changing Environments across the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary Interval in Northern Ireland

James Chester
A Total Evidence Approach to Scorpion Evolution

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