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SVPCA 2018

We are very happy to be able to present the 66th Symposium on Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy, held at the Universities of Manchester and Salford, September 5th-7th 2018.

Robert Sansom SVPCA opening remarks

Mike Coates Sharks uprooted – new perspectives on early chondrichthyans

Katie Davis Shaping the avian (super)tree of life

Sam Giles Unravelling osteichthyan relationships: evolutionary tales from the head of forgotten fishes

Rob Asher Confidence in palaeontological systematics: lessons from mammals

Per Ahlberg An extremely primitive miniature tetrapod from The Late Devonian (Early Famennian) of North Timan, Russia

Marco Castiello 3D investigation of the head and shoulder of a stensioellid fish reveals Stensioellida to be a valid group of placoderm-grade affinity

Claire Dobson Cranial osteology of Pachycormus, and relationships and divergence times among pachycormiforms

Richard Dearden A third “acanthodian” stem-chondrichthyan endoskeleton in a uniquely well-preserved specimen of Diplacanthus crassisimus

Neil Brocklehurst Physical and environmental controls on Paleozoic tetrapod dispersal across Pangaea

Susie Maidment North Africa’s first stegosaur and the armoured dinosaurs of Gondwana

Leah Callender-Crowe Evaluating the performance and correlation morphological characters in reconstructing avian and squamate evolutionary history

Roland Sookias Reconciling morphology and molecular data in inferring phylogeny for extant crocodilians

Robin Beck Improvements in the fossil record may largely resolve the conflict between morphological and molecular estimates of mammal phylogeny

Graeme Lloyd Meta-analytical integration of fossil and molecular data in phylogenetic inference and the first trulycomprehensive phylogeny for Cetacea

Omar Regalado Impact of continuous character coding on the reconstruction of the evolutionary history of Basal Sauropodomorpha

Paul Barrett Those feathers won’t stick: maximum likelihood modelling supports scales as primitive for Dinosauria

Phil Mannion New insights on the phylogenetic relationships and biogeographic history of eusauropod dinosaurs

Jessie Atterholt A CT-based survey of supramedullary diverticula in extant birds

Iyra Maharaj A comprehensive description of Endothiodon bathystoma(Anomodontia, Therapsida), a dicynodont from the late Permian of the Karoo Basin of South Africa

Liz Martin-Silverstone A 3D reconstruction and mass estimation of a well-preserved pterosaur from Brazil

Dave Unwin A quantitative protocol for assessing the developmental stage of embryos and its implications for pterosaurs

Jordan Bestwick Reconstructing the dietary ecology of pterosaurs using quantitative 3D textural analysis of tooth microwear

Claire Bullar Ceratopsian braincase morphology and palaeoneurology through ontogeny

Ray Chatterji A quantitative analysis of cranial growth and evolution in sea turtles (Testudinata: Chelonioidea)

Marc Jones Brain structure supports interpretations of an active lifestyle in a small, iconic British dinosaur

Dean Lomax Odd narial features in Ichthyosaurus suggest the presence of salt glands

Robert Brocklehurst Modelling Avian Ventilation Mechanics with 3D Levers and Linkages

Ryan Marek An everyday tool: how the avian neck has adapted to (almost) every situation

Alana Sharp The role of soft tissues in a biomechanical model of the rat skull

Carolina Karoullas Estimating the Flight Capabilities of Fossil Birds from Extant Bird Data and Aerodynamic Theory

Mariane Delaunay Do birds have whiskers?

Don Henderson Sediments, skulls and squishing – taphonomic investigations of ceratopsian skull deformation

Hanwen Zhang Elephas recki: the wastebasket?

Jamie MacLaren Walking with Unicorns – metacarpal morphology of the Rhinocerotidae

Stephan Lautenschlager Morphological convergence and functional diversification of sabre-toothed vertebrates

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