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ProgPal 2013 @ Leeds

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Schedule (all times +0 GMT)
The full programme, including abstracts, can be found here

09.00 Welcome to Leeds
Professor Jane Francis & Tom Fletcher

Session 1 – Reconstructing Life Habits

09.20 Reconstructing Ammonite Life-Habits: A Modern Perspective on a Centuries Old Question
Robert Lemanis

09.40 Determining the dietary preferences of the Port Jackson shark
Laura McLennan

10.00 Getting geometric with ruminant rostra
Jon Tennant

10.25 Biomechanical evidence for niche partitioning between sympatric sauropod dinosaurs
David Button


Session 2 – Palaeoenvironments

11.45 Late Pliocene lakes and soils: A global data set for the analysis of climate feedbacks in a warmer world

Dr Matt Pound

12.05 TBA (unfortunately the original speaker’s visa could not be processed in time for the meeting)

12.25 Adventures in the Atacama: a high fidelity record of Neogene seasonality for the East Pacific?
Nicola Clark

Lunch Break

Session 3 – Vertebrate Evolution

14.00 Early Vertebrate Skeletogenesis
Joseph Keating

14.20 Rates of morphological evolution in the origin of the birds
Mark Puttick

14.40 Redescription of Elachistosuchus huenei and a reappraisal of the phylogenetic relationships of basal Sauria (Neodipasida) based on Computed micro-Tomography
Gabriela Sobral

15.00 The evolutionary radiation of Triassic marine reptiles
Tom Stubbs


Session 4 – Exceptional Preservation

15.55 A Doushantuo-type acritarch assemblage from phosphorite pebbles of the Ediacaran Biskopås Formation of Southern Norway
Peter Adamson

16.20 Preserving Cambrian bodies in the Sirius Pass, North Greenland
Katie Strang

16.40 Dumbbells and Basil Brushes – painting a new picture of the Ediacaran macrofossils of Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire
Charlotte Kenchington

17.00 Experimental decay and disarticulation of phyllocarids and the implications for the arthropod fossil record
Oliver Knevitt

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