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Progressive Palaeontology 2014: Southampton

Progressive Palaeontology is a conference for early career palaeontologists run by the Palaeontological Association. This year it is being hosted by the University of Southampton, UK, and is being held at the National Oceanographic Centre on the 22nd May.

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All times UTC+1

09:00 Professor John Marshall – Introduction and Welcome

Session 1 – Mesozoic Reptiles

09:15 Jon Tennant – Evolutionary relationships of atoposaurid crocodylomorphs, and evidence for allopatric speciation driving their high diversity in the Late Jurassic of western Europe
09:30 David Button – Biomechanical insights into the craniodental evolution of sauropodomorph dinosaurs
09:45 Benjamin Moon – A new phylogeny of the Ichthyosauria
10:00 Thomas Stubbs – Evolutionary bottleneck and faunal turnover of marine reptiles during the Triassic-Jurassic transition
10:15 Davide Foffa – Tooth replacement in Pliosauridae

10:30-10:50 Coffee break

Session 2 – Invertebrates and Early Vertebrates

10:50 Charlotte Kenchington – Linking biotic associations and sedimentology in the Ediacaran of Charnwood Forest, UK and Newfoundland, Canada
11:05 Katie Strang – Preserving Cambrian bodies in Sirius Passet, North Greenland
11:20 Rhian Llewellyn – Palynology through the early Wenlock Ireviken Event
11:35 Robert Lemanis – Sink or swim: the function of the ammonoid shell
11:50 Edine Pape – Identifying chemosymbiosis through geological time by stable isotope analysis of shell-bound organic matter
12:05 Joe Keating – Aspidin: a bone of contention

12:20-13:30 Lunch

Session 3 – Other vertebrates

13:30 Collin VanBuren – Lissamphibian palaeobiodiversity over the last 80 million years
13:45 Tom Fletcher – The evolution of speed
14:00 Megan Williams – The soaring skeleton: a morphological analysis
14:15 Sam Giles – A new model for early ray-fin evolution based on a remarkably preserved Devonian actinopterygian skull
14:30 Mark Puttick – Mammalian morphological evolution: earlly high rates?
14:45 Thomas Halliday – The condylarth’s tale: placental diversification and the K/Pg boundary

15:00 – 15:20 Coffee

Session 4 – Experimental and Methodological

15:20 Jennifer Anné – Bone from a chemical point of view
15:35 Christopher Rogers – The Chinese Pompeii? Death and destruction of dinosaurs in the Early Cretaceous of Lujiatun, NE China
15:50 Fiona Walker – Sampling of Cretaceous fossil record in Britain

Lightning talks – Times are estimated based on turnover

16:05 Peter Adamson – Insights into the palaeobiology of a Doushantuo-type microbiota from the Biskopås Formation of southern Norway
16:13 Amelia Penny – Ocean oxygenation and the rise of skeletal metazoans
16:21 Luke Parry – Annelid evolution in deep time – fossils, phylogeny and morphology
16:29 Michela Johnson – Re-description of ‘Steneosaurus obtusidens’, a large-bodied crocodylomorph from the Middle Jurassic of England (Thalattosuchia; Teleosauridae)
16:37 Michael O’Sullivan – The taxonomy of Parapsicephalus purdoni and other British Jurassic pterosaurs
16:45 Charlie Navarro – Evolution of pterosaur feeding systems
16:53 Ryan Marek – The first digital endocast of an ichthyopterygian (Hauffiopteryx typicus) with comments on the function and phylogeny of the endocranium
17:01 Nickolas Wiggan – The Mid Jurassic Plankton Exposion: the explosive radiation of dinoflagellates during the Majocian

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